Double Compression Tube Fittings
Design & Function
PRIME double compression (Double ferrule) tube fittings provide a leak proof, torque free joints in all instrumentation & process tubing connections which will withstand high pressure, Impulse, Vacuum, Vibration and temperature. These features eliminate costly, hazardous leaks and provide highest safety and maintenance free tubing joints.
All action in the fittings move axially, i.e. Tube is not twisted during assembly. Since no torque is transmitted from the fittings to the tubing, there is no initial strain, which might weaken the tubing. Each part in the fitting assembly is machined to most exacting dimensional tolerance on CNC machines. Total quality management is practiced throughout the manufacturing process as per ISO standard to achieve best quality joints at all tubing end connections. PRIME tube fitting assembly consist of four precision machined components namely body, nut, front ferrule and back ferrule. All you need to do is to insert the tube and tighten the nut by 1 ?turn from finger tight position. This action forces both front & back ferrule to move forward between nut and body, Back ferrule is driven against the taper rare of the front ferrule and swaged radially inward on the tube & thus holding the tube against vibration and mechanical pull due to pressure. Back ferrule also lift the front ferrule out to form a full faced seal on the taper surface of the body. Front ferrule also moves forward against the taper portion of the fitting body and due to wedging action forces inward, gripping and subsequently sealing the front edge tightly on to the tubing.
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